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Every activity has a professional instructor.

[photo of Carol]

Carol Brecker

Carol Brecker holds the third teaching diploma from the Sogetsu school of ikebana. The Sogetsu school is a modern approach to ikebana that promotes flower arranging by anyone in any place using any materials.

Sensei Carol has studied ikebana since 2000 and is a regular exhibitor at the Phoenix Art Museum Ikebana Exhibit and Arts and Flowers. Her teaching encourages free expression, joy, discovery, and union with nature.

She believes that ikebana is a healing art that can calm the soul, focus the mind, connect the spirit with nature, and create an avenue for personal expression. Her classes are taught free of charge and her students are encouraged to participate in programs that benefit the community.

Sensei Carol is a founder and officer of the Sonoran Desert Sogetsu Study Group and a long time member and officer of Ikebana of Arizona. She is a Master Gardener and takes her students into her extensive gardens to learn about growing, preserving, and arranging materials that can be cultivated in the desert climate.

[photo of Lee]

Lee Chivers
Chamber Music

Lee Ann Chivers is an active flute performer and music teacher and is a doctoral candidate in flute performance at Arizona State University. She has toured as a soloist and taught master classes across the Southwest. She is experienced in both chamber and orchestral settings.

Lee founded the Greater Los Angeles Flute Society (GLAFS; 2001–2006), and was instrumental in multiple facets of events held by the Society. In California, Lee taught for several Community Music Schools, the Master’s College, and La Sierra University. She was teaching assistant under Trygve Peterson at ASU.

Lee won the National Flute Association (NFA) Convention Performers Competition in both 2005 (San Diego, performing the Genzmer Second Sonata for Flute Alone) and 2002 (Washington, D.C., performing 4 of the 10 Etudes for Solo Flute by Gary Schocker). She was a semi-finalist in the Young Artist Competition in 1992. Lee has been active with the National Flute Association; performing at conventions, serving as Convention Exhibits Coordinator and working at the NFA Executive office.

[photo of Saza]

Sarah “Saza” Dimmick

Sarah “Saza” Dimmick received her BFA in dance education from Arizona State University, and has taught on the dance faculties of Arizona State University, Glendale Community College, Dobson High School, and Willow Canyon High School. Currently, Saza is the marketing director of Studio 3 Performing Arts Academy, a “triple threat” studio in Gilbert.

In addition to her passion for teaching, Saza loves to choreograph, has been a guest artist/choreographer for University of South Carolina dance department, and has created pieces for several NBA and WNBA teams and hip-hop and R&B artists.

Saza is the artistic director for our partner, EPIK Dance Company.

[photo of Nick]

Nick Flores

Nick Flores received a BIS from Arizona State University. Originally from Placerville, Calif., Nick found his way into dancing “by accident.” Specializing in hip-hop dance, he has been with EPIK Dance Company since 2008.

[photo of Grace]

Grace Gallagher

Grace Gallagher studied dance at Arizona State University, where she trained as a modern and hip-hop dancer. She interned in New York City at Broadway Dance Center; in Los Angeles she graduated from the Edge Performing Arts Center’s Scholarship Program and was hired by Edge to start their first ever kids program. She has choreography experience and dances with EPIK.

Grace says, Every dance class I have the privilege of teaching, I look at as an opportunity to share my passion for the art of dance. There is nothing I love more than walking into a room full of open-minded dancers anxiously waiting to learn. Dance is both physical as well as expressive. . . . I encourage my students to work hard and stay positive. I am a strong believer in that when you put your mind to something, anything is possible.

[photo of Myrlin]

Myrlin Hepworth
Spoken Word

Myrlin Hepworth has spent the last three years writing and performing poetry across the United States while attending Arizona State University. He competed on three National Poetry Slam Teams alongside many esteemed authors. In 2009, In 2010, he became the first undergraduate to teach for the Young Writers Program at ASU. In addition to visiting nearly thirty high schools each year, Myrlin makes a living by performing and teaching at universities, youth centers, group homes, museums, and theatres, while finishing his degree. Myrlin possesses a natural teaching style that allows him to relate and connect to youth easily. Because of the connection youth feel with Myrlin, they are willing to take more risks and bravely share their stories with others.

Myrlin is also the artistic and youth development director for our partner organization, Phonetic Spit.

[photo of Alex]

Alex Morones

Alex Morones is a student at Phoenix College, working toward a degree in music education. He is a graduate of Camelback High School, where he was a member of the Step Team and continued to volunteer with the team after graduation, choreographing routines and running practice. His leadership led to the team placing 4th in the state in 2010, and 2nd in the state in 2011. Alex has a deep passion for music, singing, dancing, and stepping. He is dedicated to education and giving young people opportunities to explore dance and music.

[photo of Stefanie]

Stefanie Sichler

Stefanie Sichler teaches Hatha Yoga classes that have been influenced by Anusara Yoga and Life Force Yoga. Her greatest hope is for her students to be able to dance through life with joy and self-confidence.

Stefanie practiced yoga with her grandfather from the early age of five. Some of the poses stayed with her until she was formally introduced to yoga in 1997, looking for a way to work through panic attacks and anxiety. Immediately drawn to the strengthening, balancing and calming experiences, she completed the Desert Song Teacher Training in 2007. She continues her personal and professional education with a focus on safety and emotional effects of yoga. In class, Stefanie creates a safe container, where students are encouraged to find their own practice through poses, breath, meditation and self-inquiry. Stefanie is a Life Force Yoga I Practitioner.

Stefanie also teaches for our partner, Desert Song Yoga.